Plant based Munchies

A journey towards whole food, plant based, healthy eating….

Research and readings

The more I learn, the more there seems to learn.

I have always been brought up with the belief that meat is needed for a healthy diet (mind you, I did grow up on a beef cattle stud!). But predominantly, this is what people believe. It is as true for them as the marketing campaign of needing dairy for healthy bones. Some of these things are just untrue. Whilst meat is something that carries iron and protein, these things are also found in other sources – and often, in a more easily digestible fashion.

Here, I’m going to collect some links to information/videos/blogs – for my own interest but also for the benefit of anyone else who stumbles across this site.

If you haven’t already checked out nutrition facts. org – it is so worth your time. For any vego topic! Dr Greger scours research land for the best, up to date, and most balanced information on nutritional information. He presents short videos to explain them. Awesome!

In the meantime, here is a little link about IRON, with some videos attached. I choose iron because as someone with a chronic illness, sooooo many people tell me my energy would pick up if I got into red meat again. I haven’t eaten red meat in 17 years. I don’t think my body would cope with it now even if I actually wanted it to. And the reality is, there are a myriad of other ways to meet that nutritional benefit.

If you are interested in plant based PROTEIN, see here.


May I give a HUGE plug to Brendan Brazier. His THRIVE book is what kicked us along in our journey a couple of years ago – and to quote him

Whole, unprocessed plant-based foods are full of vitamins, minerals, quality macronutrients, and antioxidants the body needs for cellular regeneration. Plant-based foods are also beneficial to the planet, using fewer natural resources to support whole body (and whole planet) health. Eating clean means avoiding foods that were made in lab, or simply put: not eating foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Artificial foods, foods that have been genetically modified, or are laden with pesticides and herbicides have the opposite effect of nourishment, causing stress on your body.

I love the concept of “nutritional stress” and it makes an enormous amount of sense to me. Eating whole, unprocessed, plant based foods (and preferably organic :)) cut down the stress on our bodies (and thus affecting our emotional state also) in an amazing way. Our diets have become quite out of control in the Western world, at least.

If you do nothing else today (and have made it this far), have a look at this site, and sign up for Brendan’s amazing experience


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