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Common questions

This page will be a work in progress! But I’ve had some good questions asked so here is a little start

What is veganism?

Plant based eating is just that. To be vegan means to choose not to consume animal products. For me, this is partly a health choice as I now understand that animal products do not carry the positives that we are led to believe (well at least, they come with significant baggage for human bodies!). At the same time, it is a choice for me in what I like to think of as compassionate living. The industries created around animal consumption are often oppressive, abusive and profit-orientated. You can imagine once upon a time when people lived and cared for their animals and at times, consumed one in it’s entirety. Now, we live in a world where meat comes in packets and we have no clue where from or how those animals are treated. For me, I feel good about choosing not to contribute to animal suffering in human systems of profiteering.

In the same way, as far as I am able, I choose to buy products that are fair trade, where I know the companies I buy from are paying their workers correctly. This is one way for me that I can make a small difference in a big world towards compassion and justice.

Here’s a starter kit with answers to all those queries if you’re interested. Great idea, I got it from veganismo.

But don’t you need meat?”

The short answer is no. We have access to all the information on plant based nutrition and how to eat a balanced plant based diet. Meat does contain some goodness, yes. But it is nothing that can’t be met via other means such as legumes, beans, and other plants. Plus, meat comes at a cost. Have a look at this link relating to the way that the body’s cancer defenses improve dramatically in a matter of weeks after stopping eating meat. There is substantial understanding now about the stress that eating meat causes in human bodies. I will be filling out the research and findings tabs over time – keep an eye out.

And here is a quick summary however about where protein is found, for example:

Veggies are loaded with protein but unfortunately most are unaware of this fact.

  • Kale (75% protein)
  • Spinach( 49%)
  • Broccoli (45%)
  • Cauliflower (40%)
  • Mushrooms (38%)
  • Cucumbers (24%)
  • Green Pepper (22%)
  • Parsley (34%)
  • Cabbage (22%)
  • Tomato’s( 18%)


  • Beef (25.8%)
  • Chicken (23%) and
  • Eggs (12%)

What is agave nectar (and why use it)?

Agave nectar is made from the plant known as aguamiel, or “honey water” in Mexico. It is a natural sweetener and is processed at a low temperature and supposed to be more easily processed by the body. It’s also suitable for vegans, as it is not an animal product.

There has been some “hoo haa” over the high fructose content of Agave – check out this link on the Loving Earth brand. They also explain the ethical nature of their farming practices for growers.

Agave comes in a light or dark syrup, and you can find it in the health food section of supermarkets or health food shops. Or, you could use maple syrup if that is what you have in your cupboard.

What is cacao (and why use it)?

Raw cacao powder is less processed than commercial cocoa powder and therefore maintains the remarkable enzyme and nutrient content of the cacao bean.

Pure raw chocolate is antioxidant-rich and contains NO added nasties such as genetically modified soy-lecithin, dairy products or refined sugar- ingredients that are often found in highly processed commercial cocoa products.

♥ Health Benefits of Raw Cacao Powder

Raw cacao contains an impressive list of vitamins and minerals including magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese, zinc, copper, vitamin C, phosphorus and calcium. In addition it also provides an array of antioxidants including polyphenols, catechins, epicatechins and flavanoids (all good things!) – 14 times more antioxidants then red wine, and 21 times more than green tea!

From WellnessWA


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