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Vegetable tomato gratin

Tomato vegetable gratin

Tomato vegetable gratin

Ok, so I can’t be sure that this qualifies as a gratin. Perhaps you have another suggestion? But it is a casserole-y vegetable bake-y thing that goes a little bit crunchy? So that’s probably a gratin, right? It’s so simple and easy and delicious. I served this with a green/avocado/olive/dill salad. Perfection.


1 zucchini

1 potato

1 sweet potato

5-6 squash

handful of baby spinach leaves

Use the appropriate blade on the food processor to finely slice all vegetables.

Create a tomato sauce – and you can do as I did and simplify it. I just used mushrooms, capsicum, onion and grated carrot with garlic and passata. Simple, delicious. With a bit of balsamic and seasoning thrown in.

Use some dried or fresh basil. Add some tomato sauce to the base of a casserole dish and layer the sliced vegetables around the base.

Gratin base

Gratin base

Continue until full, and spread tomato sauce on the top.

Gratin base

Gratin base

Bake for 45 mins at 200 deg C. Yum!


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Lasagne/veggie stack

It might be offensive to lasagne makers to call this a lasagne (given it is pasta- free) but for me it fills a big lasagne hole! This is more like a veggie stack to be honest, and so, so packed with goodness.

First, make the tomato sauce found here .

Next, roast some pumpkin and zucchini slithers (or grill them) to substitute in for pasta sheets.

I tossed some mushrooms in balsamic and roasted them, as well as some garlic cloves (these are so divine, don’t miss them out 🙂 )

I also grabbed some fresh bok choy/baby spinach/snow peas and avocado – just for that fresh salad-y zing.

And here we go.


Pumpkin, tomato sauce, spinach/bok choy, (from the bottom up).

Then add more tomato sauce, roast mushrooms, pumpkin, baby spinach, snow peas and garlic! And half an avocado on the side, dressed with some balsamic and pepper.

Another staple….seriously good!