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Leek rice balls

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Leek rice balls

Leek rice balls

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas everyone. These little balls  are remarkably delicious for something so easy and with relatively few ingredients. They make fantastic finger food (for anyone hosting NYE parties) and the kids love them! The leek is not really visible but gives a delicious, rich flavour.


1 leek, diced

1 cup aborio rice

3-4 cups vegetable stock

1 garlic clove

dried thyme

salt, pepper

oil for frying

1 1/2 T Chia seeds in 1/4 cup water

2 T buckwheat flour (or other preferred flour)

Saute the leek and garlic, then add the rice and stir until it has been well tossed in the oil. Add in the thyme (as much as your tastes enjoy) and season with salt and pepper.

Then continue stirring whilst adding 3/4 cup stock at a time. Once the stock is absorbed, add another lot. Continue until the rice is cooked through (if you need more/less stock, don’t worry, you will know if it is cooked if you taste it).

Once cooled, toss the flour and chia seeds through.

Form into little balls (or flat patties) and lightly fry until crispy. Enjoy!

*I think this made about 1 doz balls? But don’t quote me on that. 😉


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