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Green peppermint slice


Green peppermint slice

Green peppermint slice

This slice converted my 3yo to peppermint. Woohoo 🙂 Not to mention it being the usual – gluten free, vegan, sugar free and absolutely yummy. I have another peppermint slice that I made up on this blog but I have to say, this one is much easier and very delicious.


2 cups walnuts

20 medjool dates, pitted (and soaked if not already soft)

1/4 cup cacao powder

1 heaped T coconut oil

pinch salt

Blend the walnuts in a food processor, then add remaining ingredients. Once blended, press into lined tin and pop in the freezer.

Peppermint layer

1 cup dessicated coconut

3/4 cup macadamias

1/4 cup coconut oil

3 T rice syrup or coconut palm sugar

handful of fresh mint leaves

1 tsp peppermint extract

drizzle natural green food colouring if desired

Process coconut and macadamias into a fine consistency before adding other ingredients. Process, then spread over chocolate base and return to the freezer.


1/4 cup cacao powder

1/2 cup melted coconut oil

1/4 cup rice syrup

1 tsp vanilla

Melt coconut oil and stir in remaining ingredients until smooth. Pour over peppermint layer and refrigerate until set. *Actually i put mine in the freezer and was able to cut the slice into squares after about 10 minutes. It does not take long!

Really, this is beautiful. I got a great idea from another site about whizzing up goji berries as a red festive splash and this is what is sprinkled on the top of the platter of slice pieces. Enjoy! And merry Christmas!


(And this is what it looks like with a festive sprinkle of chopped goji berries:)




Author: Rah

3 thoughts on “Green peppermint slice

  1. Very very delish…will be taking to pre-Christmas family party this weekend

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