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“Pop” pastry pies

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"Pop" pastry pies

“Pop” pastry pies

Hah… well. Not exactly like those pop tart things I’ve heard of that you stick in a toaster. But these are close.

My sister told me how to do these recently and I cannot stress how EASY this is to do. And the possibilities are endless. They are gluten though because they involve puff pastry but are totally brilliant for kids.

My boys had an early dinner the other day so were ready for something else before bed. How’s this for an idea:

Lay 1/2 sheet of puff pastry across a toasted sandwich maker                                                                                                                           Add whatever fruit you like (banana, mango and blueberries pictured)                                                                                                                 Lay the other 1/2 sheet on top.


It makes perfect fruit pies.

I’m thinking of savoury options for lunchboxes.

Perhaps corn and grated carrot with cauliflower alfredo sauce?

Perhaps the tomato bean base from the Shepherds pie?

Oops. I just discovered I haven’t shared the cauliflower sauce yet. Better get onto that… Let me know what you create in the mean time!

"Pop" pastry pies

“Pop” pastry pies


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