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DIY date ‘bliss’ balls


Date balls

Date balls

It seems we are being asked a lot how to make these date balls. These are a total staple in our house and sometimes i make them everyday because they disappear so quickly.  Other days I manage a batch big enough that we keep them in an airtight container in the fridge for a few days. They are easy to do and even easier to mix up flavours and textures so you can’t get bored. They are also delicious, nutritious and a healthy sugar free snack.

I’ve seen them in so many cafes lately called “bliss balls”. They cost the earth to buy and never ever taste as good as home made ones! There is one little place in Port Macquarie NSW that made good ones 🙂 but that’s the only one I’ve actually liked commercially.

In the past I have posted some recipes such as Seed balls and Baci balls. Really the world of date/energy/protein/chocolate balls is your ‘oyster’ (so to speak). Here’s the breakdown:

Nuts: I use a base of almonds or cashews mostly but you can add in whatever nuts you prefer.

Dates: Add in soaked medjool dates (You don’t have to soak them, but this makes processing them easier). Usually about 10 dates to 1 cup of nuts but you can mix it up.

Seeds: Pumpkin seeds are my choice but try sunflower and chia too (noting that these will make a more textured ball). Youc an also throw in goji berries.

Cacao: There’s no chocolate ball without raw cacao powder 🙂

Protein: Tao Nutrition all the way! (this will add in countless nutrients – yes, even kale 🙂 and up your protein intake

Fats: Sometimes I add in coconut oil because it gives a gorgeous texture and is good for you. And I find I lack fats in my diet so this helps too. It is not criitical to the world of date balls though.

Flavour: Vanilla extract is delicious. Or try peanut butter (100%, no added sugar), or ground hazelnuts. Or use coconut oil and desiccated coconut. Or orange peel or peppermint essence….there are gazillions of options 🙂


Process nuts and seeds in the food processor until fine and then add the remaining ingredients. Roll into balls and refrigerate.

Sometimes I find, because I don’t measure, that the ball mix is too crumbly. This is easily countered by adding more dates – or sometimes I add in 1 T water which softens and binds the mix enough to roll into balls.

Hope this helps!






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  1. really useful, thanks!

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