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Make it possible



Whilst it’s true that eating a plant based diet is not the norm by any means in Australia, it is definitely on the rise as people become more conscious and more concerned about practices surrounding animal industries.

I have been so amazed to see the Make it Possible campaign launch in Australia with so many of our celebs backing the move to end factory farming. I actually even donated to their cause today (not something I often do). They rely solely on donations to keep the campaign running.

I know that talk about this leads to many feeling uncomfortable and judged. For me it’s not about that. I wonder if we can leave the judgement of each other aside and look at practices with animals and judge that as to whether it is something we are ok with or not. For me, it’s a no. I have always always always been a person that can’t bear the pain of animals. Just ask my mum! 🙂 But as an adult, it is more than that for me now. For me it taps into who we understand ourselves to be in the universe and how we can make compassionate and conscious choices. This might be for some, as simple as demanding more from industries to clean up their act ethically.

Visit Make it Possible. Donate, sign, FB…whatever. Spreading the cause to end factory farming is a great thing.



Author: Rah

4 thoughts on “Make it possible

  1. I too have noticed the rise in plant based eaters in Australia (i’m in Sydney). And i hope that more and more people become aware of the pain and suffering these poor animals go through. One thing that gets me is the fact that some deny that it happens. My most recent conversation with my mother on the subject made me realise this. Her response was “That only happens overseas, not in Australia”. Which i find is a common response to many that i speak to about it.

    I’m not the preaching type. I only approach the subject once someone starts questioning why i eat the way i do. I find this a better way then running around screaming “meat is murder” hehe I also do not judge others that still choose to eat animal products. As it is hard to transition to a vegan when we have been fed animal products our whole lives and taught that they are “healthy”. And there are so many people that are completely unaware of the suffering. (woo sorry for the essay here haha)

    With the Make it Possible ad, i’m sure more people will become aware. 🙂

  2. Hi Herbivorous geek, I’m a fan of your work! I have heard that a lot: “not in Australia!”. In some ways it’s true, we have much stricter requirements here than the US, for example, but you don’t need to look too far to find that the industries are still unacceptable, despite not being “as bad” as others.

    I’m not a preachy type either and i find even by stating that we are not consuming animal products, it causes quite a blockage in many cases. So it’s always nice when you’re asked by an interested/curious person and can have an honest dialogue about your thoughts on the subject! Thanks for your feedback, it means a lot to connect with other people on a similar journey.

    • I have found that it is much easier to connect with plant eaters and to talk about it online than it is in person. It is clearly something that a lot of people do hide. It also amazes me how ignorant and aggressive some people can be over the subject.

      I guess leading by example is a good thing too. Being fit and healthy makes it easier to get your point across about a Vegan diet 🙂

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