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Vanilla cashew milk

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Vanilla cashew milk

Vanilla cashew milk

Our house has been a bit ridiculous lately with various milks. My favourite is probably Bonsoy which I went off for a few years after their Iodine disaster. Never mind. The problem is, soy milk, though I like it, has that question mark hanging over its head about how good it actually is long term as a primary milk? Especially for the little boys we have in our house whom also love soy milk. (The youngest will drink anything if it is in a yellow packet – his favourite colour :P)

Dave prefers almond milk but both of these milks are ridiculously expensive. Rice milk…well, it tastes like rice.

So I entered the territory of milk making. And might I say… I really like this. It is wholesome, cheap and healthy. There’s no hidden weird things (like in many soy milks) and no added sugar. It just…is.

This gets a big tick of approval from me and we will be whizzing these up every day or two, it is so easy.There is no weird straining etc with this one. As long as you have a relatively decent blender, these cashew will just pulverise, having been soaked.

1 cup cashews

1 fresh date

1 tsp vanilla

4 cups water

Soak cashews overnight in a bowl of water. In the morning soak the date in hot water for about a minute, just to make it extra soft, and drain the cashews (best to throw that water away).

Add cashews, date, vanilla and water to your blender and blend it on high until smooth.

Vanilla cashew milk

Vanilla cashew milk

This really is an insanely quick process, and the milk turns out creamy and sweet and nutty. It’s lovely!


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