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End of month favourites


I’m going to have a little Easter break this weekend and thought I’d share with you a little recap on the last two months and what your favourite recipes have been ;). I’ve been very excitable about a number of dishes over the past two months! Interestingly, my top 4 favourites are not in your favourites list! But to those who have jumped on board in the last 8 weeks – a big thank you. I’m loving this little community we are developing. And I’m loving food and cooking – more than ever! So! Here’s your top 8 (one for each week ;))of the last two months, and below you will find my favs 🙂 Enjoy!

Feb- March favourites

Zucchini and Corn Fritters

Lasagne/Veggie Stack

Lentil and Vegetable Korma

Hazelnut pancakes with banana

Red Kidney Bean chocolate cakes

Baked lemon thyme chips

Chocolate bean biscuits

And…the Cauliflower and lentil pilaf which had a big reception 2 days ago!  And I do need to give an honourable mention to the Seedy apply and goji muesli bars.

MY favourites have been:PBM my march favs

Raw hazelnut chocolate cheesecake

Chocolate caramel slice

Sweet potato and spinach tikka masala

Cauliflower pizza base

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm!


Author: Rah

2 thoughts on “End of month favourites

  1. my inbox is filled with plant based munchies.. waiting for me to make all the ones i read and went oooh I REALLY want to try that.. i can’t keep up!

  2. Sounds like a good problem to have 😉 Thanks Mich!

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