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Nutty choc-ana smoothie


Nutty choc-ana smoothie

Nutty choc-ana smoothie

I was in a mood. Thus, lacking in energy, enthusiasm and any interest in breakfast (or, in fact, the day ahead) I decided to try a mood-fixer that is something along the lines of comfort and a ‘naughty’ treat in a bowl. That will help. Yes!

Lucky for me there really isn’t anything naughty about this. And it only took a few minutes – AND it fixed my conundrum! (Love that word).

Here it is.

1 handful of hazelnuts

2 bananas

1 dessert spoon raw cacao

1 dessert spoon protein powder

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 cup ice

1 cup rice milk (or non dairy milk)

Whizz the hazelnuts in the blender. When fine, add 2 bananas and cacao to form a puree. Add remaining ingredients and blend.

Happiness in a glass for a grumpy, tired morning! 🙂


Author: Rah

2 thoughts on “Nutty choc-ana smoothie

  1. Do you reckon this would work with avo instead of banana? Sounds awesome but I really dislike bananas!

    • It would…but it would need sweetening to balance the cacao. You could soak some dates in hot water first (so they blend) to use as a sweetener or you might need to add some agave or rice syrup or something. Let me know how you go!

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