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A cheater’s crepe


A cheater's crepe

Never home maker has a pretty brilliant idea. Except in a much more eloquent title, they are called “banana faux crepes” 🙂

Mountain bread wraps are at the centre of this one (well, that’s what I have used). Partly because they have no preservatives etc in them and partly because you can choose what style suits you. I used the rice wraps today, though they do have a small amount of gluten in them. What I needed was a super fast lunch idea and something that felt homely and comforting. Yesterday’s efforts was defrosting some of my Rustic tomato soup which was sensational and healthy. Today….

This is not ‘un’healthy. But eating a salad would be better, let’s face it. Or tomato soup. Regardless…brilliant idea for a quick breakfast or lunch, or I’m thinking even for lunchbox treats.

Basically make a milkshake, dip the mountain bread into it, and fry it as if it is a crepe. And add your filling 🙂 How easy is that!’

1 banana, mashed

1/2 cup non dairy milk

1/2 tsp vanilla


cloves (whatever you like)

1 T chia seeds (I forgot these and mine still worked)

Blend together and dip the flat bread in before frying.

I added  a banana on top of the crepe whilst cooking and rolled it up so the banana heated whilst the crepe crisped. That was delicious!

You could add finely diced apple and cloves or mango and coconut – or pear and cardamon? Yum yum yum. How easy.


Author: Rah

2 thoughts on “A cheater’s crepe

  1. Thanks – we’ve made them a number of times now, can’t believe I didn’t know about this before! Thanks for visiting.

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