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Family snack plate with Popcorn Tofu and Broccoli pesto

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Family snack plate

Family snack plate

This was our picnic tea outside. In a nutshell:

Cut up veg, salad and fruit

Broccoli and lemon pesto

Besan (chick pea) flat bread – super easy but we found it slightly oily. (I think I should have heated the oil before pouring in the batter. Next time I would also add cumin to the mix to give it some zing. But it was pretty good with pesto on top).

Popcorn Tofu (not chicken) – the boys loved this. I don’t love tofu, but the coating was yum and they liked it a lot.

And in the little tub is some chilli sauce, as our eldest loves dipping things in chilli sauce!

The thing I love about these sort of dinners is how ‘normal’ it becomes for the kids to snack on veggie. Our eldest even started getting into the cauliflower which he normally doesn’t eat. And we played the game of throwing cherry tomatoes up into the air and catching it with our mouths – they loved it and had to go pick some more cherry tomatoes to keep on playing! Snack plate picnics are great for this sort of thing 🙂


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