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Chocolate peanut butter pops

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Chocolate peanut butter pops


Today I wanted to do a little treat for the boys. We don’t give them rice bubbles for breakfasts because we like to make breakfasts sugar-free but I have a huge box of them in the cupboard left over from a birthday party snack. That, and the failure of homemade peanut butter that the kids won’t eat!

These are awesome little balls for a treat:


1 cup rice bubbles (I think you could use amaranth or corn puffs etc that are sugar free, on reflection too)

1/2 cup of oats

1/2 cup ground peanuts (whizzed in a food processor until paste like)

1/4 cup rice syrup

1/4 cup chia seeds

1 T raw cacao



The best thing about these is how child friendly it is to make. No heating, no ovens, nothing tricky about them. I have been missing cooking with the kids since we went all healthy 🙂 . This has made me realise I need to be creative in the ways we do food and still involve them even though we’re not doing buttery sugary cooking anymore!


*naww* how cute is he! Mix mix mix, then roll them up into balls and pop them in the fridge for a sweet, nutty, crunchy treat! Bet they won’t last a day 🙂




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