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Choc peppermint creams


Choc peppermint creams

Choc peppermint creams

These are a refreshing, natural taste for a sweet treat! I LOVE peppermint and chocolate 🙂 Dairy, egg and gluten free.


10 medjool dates

2 T raw cacao

1/3 cup coconut oil

Blend dates in a food processor and add cacao and coconut oil. Blend until mixed. Place a tsp of mixture in each mini muffin case and place in fridge to set.



1 tin coconut cream, frozen

1 cup cashews, soaked in water

1 T light agave nectar

2 tsp peppermint essence/extract

natural green food colouring

Freeze the top cream portion of the coconut cream and leave the coconut water behind.

In the food processor, blend the cashews until a smooth consistency. Add the frozen coconut cream, agave, peppermint and food colouring and blend. Spoon the filling into the mini muffin cases on top of the bases, and place in the freezer to set.

*NB. You will need to adjust the peppermint measurements according to whether you are using essence or extract, and according to your taste. The same goes for the agave. Different sweeteners will have different potency so if you are substituting for rice syrup or maple syrup or even stevia, just increase in small amounts until you are happy with the desired flavour.



Author: Rah

2 thoughts on “Choc peppermint creams

  1. These are amazing! Thanks for sharing these. 🙂 We made them tonight for a dinner with friends- and they were a hit. We didn’t have any mint extract in the cupboard so used fresh mint instead- yumo!

    • Thanks Bianca! They seem to be a popular one 🙂 I have just finished my stash in the freezer so will have to come up with a new one now! Enjoy x

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