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The 2 min lunch

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2 min lunch ideas

When you’re used to eating ham and cheese sandwiches and the lunch time clock is ticking, it is SO hard to know what to do. A number of blog readers have fed back their thanks – purely because the ideas are helpful. We can all do a healthy job and enjoy it, but often the stimulus is missing. Hopefully this one helps for when you need lunch that is fast and fuss-free.

Lucky for us, we are growing the most magnificent yellow tomatoes in our veggie patch. They are so sweet, Dave has been eating them like you would other fruits.

Anyhoww…what you will need is:

Organic brown rice crackers,


sliced tomato (of any description)

snow peas, thinly sliced.
I also seasoned them and drizzled balsamic on top.

A light, tasty, healthy lunch that will give a slow energy release for the afternoon.


Author: Rah

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