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Raspberry chia jam

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Raspberry chia jam

This is so exciting to me. Our kids love jam and we are meany parents who don’t let them have it…well, very rarely. Jam is at least 50% white sugar and the fruit is stewed so much that any goodness in it is pretty much long gone. It used to be used as a special treat and was an economical means of preserving left over fruit so as to not waste it. Now? Put fruit in a freezer, don’t stew and jam it. It has become a modern day convenience food rather than a ‘sometimes’ food and there is little good about it. *rant over*

Here is a jam that is rich and powerful in flavour, and you don’t need to feel guilty about eating it. It also won’t rot your children’s teeth. It is raw, so the raspberries maintain all their fruitful goodness – packed with vitamins and minerals. This recipe also uses half a cup of chia seeds which as we know is a superfood, containing 6x more calcium than milk by weight and 3x more iron than spinach. Chia seeds also have 23% protein.
So I’m pretty happy with this.

500 gm raspberries (frozen but thawed) or fresh

1/2 cup chia seeds

2 T dark agave nectar (or coconut sugar/coconut palm sugar)

All that is needed is to blend the raspberries and sugar in the food processor or blender, add the chia seeds, and refrigerate overnight to allow the chia seeds to become gelatinous.

In the morning you will have a magical healthy, happy jam. As you can see, I served this up (for myself!) with organic corn thins and apple wedges and am still feeling the joy of it 🙂

Thanks to Veggiehead for the recipe idea. I have cut down the sweetener but you will each need to adapt it according to your requirements. I love the punch of raspberries and don’t think it needs too much sweetening. I’m intending on using this jam to make the kidney bean cakes – raspberry for flavour and chia for the egg replacer. Gold!


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