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Ethical easter ideas

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Oxfam easter catalogue

It can be a daunting thing facing Easter when you actually want to do it ethically.

Chocolate, of course, is one of the most UNethical products around, being that most of our cocoa is sourced from areas where the farmers are not paid properly and there is significant child labour problems. Not just that, but if you add in a desire to be animal-free, it adds a new complexity.

I’m going to list some links here so that I can cut down your searching time for Ethical Easter Shopping (in Australia). These will be fair trade and dairy free chocolate options. Hope this helps!

Vegan perfection has a bag of small bunnies for $8.95 using rice milk – and fair trade.

City organics sells large dark easter bunnies, eggs and hot cross buns – dairy free and fair trade.

Cadbury has launched a fair trade easter egg- not vegan but a shout out to them because YAY for finally getting fair trade products.

Chocolatier sells some fair trade dark varieties (I presume dairy free but if you are buying them, check!)

Tribes and Nations sell a range – Divine easter eggs (little and big) as well as these gorgeous easter egg hunt packs

Fairtrade Easter egg hunt kit

Oxfam catalogue has chocolatier options, alter eco and many other easter gift ideas.

Fair trade Australia gives a good overview of options and stockists.

Well…that’s a start! For those who live in South Australia, Haighs is apparently NOT ethical cocoa despite the rumours. They use “mostly” ethical cocoa – and mostly is not enough. I’m going to tackle this when I get back to work soon enough. Stand by for that campaign.

A couple of years ago, my cousin put on the worlds best easter bunny hunt for our kids…and in their easter baskets were Sherrins footies! I kid you not! It’s a great idea really – if you’re looking for that sort of thing, the Little Tree Shop sells a fair trade soccer ball.


Also see Ibu Trade for excellent ethical gifts.

PETA has some vegan ideas for standing against animal products if you are that way inclined. Otherwise I’ve been contemplating buying the kids an acre of rainforest habitat for the blue macaw (they adore Rio). Or perhaps something Australian based like sponsoring an animal or wildlife reserve conservation through Australia Zoo. And some chocolate probably ;). I want them to know that Easter is about creating and receiving new life. It’s not about stocking up on all the crap we can find and guzzling it until we feel ill. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE chocolate. And I love giving. And receiving! But we do need to really focus on raising our kids’ awareness of the world they live in, giving and receiving, wastefulness and kindliness to the earth and it’s inhabitants.

We are thinking of taking the kids on a Lenten journey (little late I know) where they can help raise money towards a project (like the macaw) and on Easter Sunday part of their surprise will be a certificate of what they have achieved to bring something else life, rather than death.

We are working on a super recipe for homemade easter treats as well. Stand by, this could take some work 🙂

Anyhow happy ethical easter shopping.

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