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Healthy homemade cereal explained



We have a bit of a strange problem in this house for Dave. Despite being plant based and mostly gluten free, Quinoa, which is an obvious choice, does not agree with Dave’s stomach! Devastating really, because there are gorgeous salads and risottos etc that are quinoa based that we won’t be posting photos of 😦 … or more importantly, eating. (Funnily enough, my stomach likes quinoa but not brown rice! Everyone is different, that’s for sure).

This cereal does have popped quinoa in it though and that seems to sit well with him.

So Dave makes up a huge container of this to last – and there are no measurements 🙂 If you want to make this, just throw in quantities according to how much you like it. But this is our homemade, base cereal that is gluten free, plant based and no sugar. All of it, we buy from Foodland (it is a big foodland). It should all be in the health food section of every supermarket and if not, ask them to get it or go to a health food shop.

Puffed amaranth

Popped quinoa


sunflower seeds

Flaxseed/Linseed (ground)

chia seed

goji berries

coconut (shredded)


After you have a big cereal base mixed up, it is so easy to add in whatever you like in the morning to make your breafkast different each day.

Add in any combo of:

rice/soy/almond milk

chopped dates (for natural sweetness)

chopped nuts

frozen berries

fresh fruit

raw cacao/carob powder

Can’t go wrong really.
Nutritional info: (thanks Brendan Brazier)

Amaranth is high in calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus and Vits A and C. It has 17 percent protein and also is rich in lysine which is an amino acid that’s hard to find.

Quinoa is very similar in make up to amaranth and also has the high protein (20%) and lysine content.

Sunflower seeds have 22 % protein and are a rich blend of trace minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and Vitamin E.

Pepitas are pumpkin seeds and are a really great source of iron – especially important to put into everything you can if you’re plant based.

Flaxseed is a good source of Omega 3 (57%) which is an essential fatty acid that is not sourced easily in plants. Keep that one up.

Goji berries contanin 19 amino acids, including the 8 essential ones so they are just about a complete source of protein in themselves. Big in iron, zinc and actually, 11 vitamins and 22 trace minerals. They actually have more iron than spinach.Eat these! They are awesome. My boys LOVE them.


Author: Rah

3 thoughts on “Healthy homemade cereal explained

  1. Hi Rah,

    I’m loving the blog 🙂
    It’s so good you’re sharing this. I read Thrive and got all motivated, but then found it hard to put into practice.

    Question about this one – do you pop the quinoa? or buy it like that?

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