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Children and healthy eating


By far, the biggest traffic inducer to this blog has been discussing healthy eating for kids. It seems many, many parents are on this venture to know HOW to get their kids to eat better. Let me start by saying that we tend to be really patient with kids learning to walk, read, write, and learning how to ride a bike but want them to eat well NOW. And some kids do right from the start, but for many, it is a learnt skill.

My eldest was about 4.5 when he finally clicked into gear with natural foods. And his eating improved not long after ours, so I do think it was partly modelling. All kids want to be like their parents in some way so if they see you drinking green smoothies and eating salad and veg primarily then they will – eventually – want to do the same.

Mr 3 is still a battle but we are working on colours of food with him. You can present food in rainbows for example and tell them they need to choose 2-3 colours. My youngest LOVES yellow – so matching his yellow clothes, we have grown yellow tomatoes and serve up yellow capsicum, pineapple, banana, and whatever else is yellow.

This is going to be a long post but in the meantime for those desperate for ideas, here are some we have done:

IMG_0657-001          Vegetarian kids: dippy egg with loads of “sticks” to dip with.

IMG_0686 They will eat anything if it is wrapped up with hommous.

IMG_0902  Anything healthy baked   into  bread scrolls.

IMG_0803-001     The sensational tomato sauce in pastry scrolls.

IMG_0784  Salads with mango, macadamias and avocado (so they get used to the feeling of eating salad)

And no photo for these (yet) but pasties are a hit (cumin spiced veggies in pastry triangles) as well as nachos. I use ORGANIC corn tortillas (GMO corn is scary),  the sensational tomato sauce (packed full of nutrition) and mashed avocado with lemon on top. The kids ADORE that. Just leave out the cheese and sour cream (they don’t need it), use fresh avocado and a goodness-packed tomato sauce and it is quite an awesome meal. I’ll post pics and a recipe next time I make it!

Also for snacks, the vege chips and carob, oat and banana balls are a hit. And the baci balls disappeared!

Hidden foods
There was a book that came out some time ago about how to hide good veggies in ‘bad’ food for kids. Chocolate, zucchini slice and chicken nuggets dipped in cauliflower puree etc. Part of me does a happy dance when I see the boys eating lovely nutritious food that they don’t know they are eating!

But on the whole, I actually think that if we hide veggies, kids don’t learn that they are a normal part of eating and learn to enjoy their natural flavour. KJ has now started raw broccoli dipped in hommous. I could not believe my eyes at first but it is testament to – if you keep serving it (without fuss), eventually they will try it. It needs to become normal.

Eating out

I detest children’s menus. Chicken schnitzel and chips, fish and chips, hamburgers… apart from the fact that I’m vegan, I just despair that restaraunts don’t see the value in salad and veg for kids. They know what parents want: something salty and fatty that will keep the kids happy and quiet when eating out!

I remember a pizza place in New Zealand served a “Healthy kids platter” and it was totally divine. It was a snack plate of nibbles – carrot sticks, cheese, ham rolled up, celery, bread triangles… that was in our pre-vegan days too but I LOVE that restaurant for valuing a healthy food option for children.

My kids would probably prefer rice, stir fry veg and some veg spring rolls. That’s their ‘norm’ for eating out. I just think we shouldn’t underestimate them.


This leads me onto school. What.the.heck is our school thinking calling themselves a healthy eating canteen when they serve hotdogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, nuggets and my most horror of horrors, SLUSHIES. NO children need a cocktail of petrochemicals and sugar at school. It is going to inhibit their learning, lead to difficulty in controlling their behaviour and thus, likely to end up getting them into trouble. I will most definitely be tackling the canteen at some point in our life together 🙂

Artificial colours are dangerous for kids. I’ll post  more on that another day.

See spoonfed blog

Fed up with food additives has a HUGE amount of information, this link is particularly to artificial colours/additives numbers to avoid in foods. Print it out, take it with you. And their recipes

Jamie Oliver’s food revolution – recipes included.

In the mean time, see below for a birthday cake we made for my eldest’s 5th birthday. This is done using absolute natural, plant based colours.

Naturally coloured rocket cake

Naturally coloured rocket cake

And so was this one for his 4th:

Naturally coloured monster truck cake

Naturally coloured monster truck cake

The boys have never had a smartie in their life so this was a cheeky first for them. But they are also naturally coloured (although do contain dairy). The rest of it is dairy free and petrochemical free.

There are loads of options available these days where we CAN avoid the nasties in food. It takes a little research when you are getting into it…feel free to ask questions and as you’ve requested, I’ll put some more posting energy into kid friendly food snacks. 🙂


Author: Rah

2 thoughts on “Children and healthy eating

  1. hi sarah, tried your baci choc balls today, huge hit and surprisingly easy to make. although i did make a slice as i have no idea how to keep them together as a ball!
    I was wondering what frozen berries you use? there has just been a thing out on today tonight about creative gormet berries and they found pesticides still on them, so i threw my box out and haven’t seen another brand yet – i am confused!! just wondering if you have any ideas
    also do you make any spreads up for gf bread? i was thinking it would be good for the kids to have a healthy spread but not sure what to make – i didn’t really want a nut spread, again just wondering if you had any ideas.
    thanks for doing this blog

    • Hey Jo glad the baci balls were good for you guys! Slice is easy done and still tastes the same 🙂

      I can’t remember the brand we buy of berries but they are in a big silver bag in our Foodland. We don’t buy creative gourmet but that sucks re pesticides 😦 Not surprising these days unfortunately. I’ll have a look at what brand we use when I get home and let you know.

      If you ever go to the farmers markets, you can buy a huge tray of “seconds” strawberries for not much and freeze them. They’ll last for ages. Or you can buy seconds strawberries at the Beerenberg farm as well.

      Re the spreads – we have been playing with this. I’ve tried to make my own peanut butter but the kids hated it. Other than that, hommous is a good option or just avocado. The kids love guacamole (just avocado, lemon, tomato and onion bits). But spreads…yeah…I’ll put some thought into that! Mostly they don’t have spreads (although they love honey). I’ll think about this! Sure we can come up with something!
      Glad you are finding it helpful xx

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