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Plant based eating with kids

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It can be a struggle. My 5 yo now is right into spinach, celery, cucumber, carrot etc but it has taken us years to get him there. Our 3 year old…not so much. He likes cucumber without the skin and he likes carrot…cooked. But that’s about it.

Vegan eating with kids

So this is what I am trialling. Snack plate trays they love! Colour, texture, size, crunch, taste…all sorts and they can choose. The deal is though, they have to eat at least 3 different colours.

This night they had the Roast tomato soup (which has lentils in it), baked carrot chips (carrot slithers, baked like the vege chips), baked pita bread, carrot/celery/capsicum/cucumber strips, basil pesto, cashew cream, and baked cauliflower. On the whole it was great! My 3 yo would still prefer to live on air but he got there with some coaxing from my  his brother, who actually loved the soup, and LOVED the cauliflower. Normally he refuses to touch cauliflower so I was happy with this development and he announced that this is the ONLY way he will eat it. Baked? Fine by me!


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