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Breakfast parfait

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Breakfast parfait

Firstly, apologies for the ordinary photo, I was in a hurry to try these 🙂

Breakfast parfaits are awesome. It makes you feel “fancy” 🙂 and has unending options of what your favourite tastes and textures could be. This is what is in these particular parfaits:

1/2 cup amaranth (puffed)

1/4 cup raw cacao

1 cup almond/oat milk

1/2 tsp vanilla

1 T chia seeds

—> make this and leave in the fridge the night before so it soaks into a delicious chocolate porridge.

In the morning, layer the amaranth porridge with nut spread, banana, pepitas, strawberries, plain soy yoghurt, blueberries and coconut. I would have loved fresh raspberries (I love chocolate and raspberries together!) and slithered almonds if I had them.

Delicious, delicious. You could also freeze a banana the night before, whizz it in a blender before putting it in the parfait and it is a beautiful, creamy ice cream texture. I steered away from dates because I didn’t want this one too sweet but dates and agave are of course always possible if you want the sweetness hit.

Passionfruit would be another tasty addition too!

Enjoy, and tell me what your creations are!

Author: Rah

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