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Sensational tomato ‘sauce’

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My kids LOVE tomato sauce. We, of course, would like them to eat a homemade tomato sauce that is packed with goodness rather than sugar and salt. So this is what I came up with…


There is no ‘real’ recipe to this. I threw in whatever vegetables – pumpkin, cauliflower, zucchini, brocolli, onion, celery – and don’t forget to season it and add garlic! When the veggies cooked down a little I added:

400gm tin of tomatoes, red kidney beans, brown lentils, red capsicum and a dash of balsamic vinegar (to try to help the acidity balance). I did also add a decent squirt of tomato paste to give it some extra richness.

After I let it simmer away for 30 minutes or so, I took some out and pureed it – which thankfully the kids enjoy! I used some, as is, in a risotto for that night’s dinner, and popped the rest in the freezer for another day.


Author: Rah

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